No dump truck delivers more payload than a Strong Superdump®.
StrongWeigh - Boost Profits and Improve Safety

For any dump truck owner, ensuring that your truck is properly loaded, exactly to the maximum amount you can carry, is absolutely crucial. Overloaded trucks run the risk of expensive fines because state or federal bridge law limits are exceeded, and the fines can be compounded from violations on gross weight, individual axles, and groups of axles. Just as important, and likely even more expensive, is under-loading the truck: Being under-loaded just half a ton each trip can easily cost thousands of dollars in lost revenue, each and every year.

With the StrongWeigh® Onboard Scale System, the driver can view the truck's gross weight, the weight on each axle, and the payload weight, all with an easy-to-use and easy-to-understand graphic on the IntelliTruck® Control System monitor -- and thus ensure the truck is properly loaded to the exact amount desired before driving away from the loader.

Plus with the Onboard Scale installed, the IntelliTruck® Fleet Management system can then track your payloads along with all of your other truck information. View the current (real time) gross weight and payload for any truck, or any load it hauled in the past, or even the cumulative total payload it hauled over any time period, or to any specific job location. Together, Fleet Management with the Onboard Scale provides very valuable information on production, performance, and delivery accounting for one truck or your entire fleet.

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