No dump truck delivers more payload than a Strong Superdump®.
Features & Options for Strong Dump Truck Systems

Optional Equipment (All Dump Truck Models)

The IntelliTruck® advanced on-board control system uses robust mobile electronics and streamlined custom components, to reduce the number of wires needed (and potential failure points) by over 60%, for long-lasting, trouble-free performance and dependability. Plus the color Control Monitor makes it the easiest-to-operate system in the dump truck industry, with descriptive buttons, on-screen illustrations, informative notifications and status screens, and operator error prevention.
A typical power tarp is prone to headaches, because it's dependent on the operator, who must manually hold the tarp control to retract or extend, and must release to stop the tarp. It's easy to over-wind or overextend the tarp from inside the cab, and this can result in the tarp motor getting burned up, or the tarp getting gummed up with hot asphalt. And with a Super Dump, should the operator forget to retract the tarp before raising the trailing axle, the tarp can be damaged by the trailing axle tires.

The SmartTarp® prevents such errors, and is easy for the operator: sensors automatically stop the tarp when it's fully extended or fully retracted, and the operator just presses the button once. Plus, for Super Dumps, if the operator raises the Strong Arm trailing axle, the tarp will automatically retract to a safe distance to allow the trailing axle tires to clear.
Mud flaps can be a nuissance, as inevitably the truck operator will forget to raise the flaps before backing in and dumping, resulting in the mud flaps getting damaged, covered in asphalt, or completely ripped off the truck.

With our EverLift® mud flaps, the mud flaps automatically raise whenever the truck is placed in reverse or the PTO is engaged, and automatically lower back to nomal ride position whenever the truck begins driving forward.
Your driver can keep his smart phone in his pocket while staying on track and maintaining maximum efficiency and productivity, with GPS mapping and navigation built right into the IntelliTruck® color display. Plus, with the Remote Fleet Management option, the driver can have his job locations automatically streamed to his in-cab display, ready to navigate to his next scheduled job, with the truck's location constantly mapped in real-time to any remote computer or mobile device through the secure IntelliTruck® platform.
Remotely view every truck in your fleet on real-time maps, with customizable real-time alerts to let you know whenever the most important events occur with any truck. Our Fleet Management system is in constant communication with the on-board IntelliTruck┬« Control System, allowing you to remotely view every truck in your fleet on real-time maps and know whenever the most important events occur. View diagnostics codes with our Electronic System Option, see a history of everywhere any truck has been, and everywhere it dumped. With the addition of our on-board scales, you can view every truck's current payload, while the system keeps track of how much every truck has hauled for any period of time. Schedule your jobs through the IntelliTruck online app, which even handles truck dispatching, and keeps track of exactly how much material is delivered to each job. Because the Fleet Management system is in constant communication with the on-board IntelliTruck® Control System, you also know the current status of the dump body's components. With the addition of our on-board scales, you can view every truck's current payload, while the system keeps track of how much every truck has hauled for any period of time. Schedule your jobs through the IntelliTruck online app, and it even handles truck dispatching, and keeps track of exactly how much material is delivered to each job.
With the StrongWeigh® Onboard Scale System, the driver can view the truck's gross weight, the weight on specific axles, and the payload weight, all with an easy-to-use and easy-to-understand graphic on the IntelliTruck® Control System monitor -- and thus ensure the truck is properly loaded to the exact amount desired before driving away from the loader.

Plus with the Onboard Scale installed, the IntelliTruck® Fleet Management system on payload, production, performance, and delivery accounting for one truck or your entire fleet.
Deploy or stow the auxiliary axles on your truck, including the Strong Arm® Trailing Axle and any pusher axles (or tag axles, for non-Super Dump models), right from the IntelliTruck® Display Panel, with the ability to raise or lower the axles individually or all together. We also include an override toggle switch to immediately raise all of the axles, in case of sudden issues occurring with an auxiliary axle.
When pusher axles (a.k.a lift axles, belly axles) are raised after being deployed and loaded, it can take a minute or so before the tires actually raise off the road surface, depending on the current air pressure in the tanks and air springs. During this time, the axle is not loaded (forced down) but the tires remain in contact with the road surface. If the driver applies the brakes during this time, the pusher's tires will then skid or slide - and this wears flat spots on the tires, very quickly. These flats spots alone are bad enough, but then, because the tires are out of balance, it leads to the whole tire being totally trashed very soon after.

With the Pusher Axle Tire Saver, sensors are added to the axle's down-force air lines, and the Super Dump control system detects when the axle is properly loaded (such that the tires won't skid when braking), and disables the brakes to the axle when it isn't -- so that your pusher axle tires last significantly longer than they ever have before.
Under-pressured tires on your truck are probably costing you far more than you realize. Fuel efficiency is greatly decreased, while the rate of tire wear is greatly increased. In fact, for the tandem drive axles, when one tire has 10 lbs lower pressure than the other tires near it, it can be dragged 13 feet for every mile the truck travels.

With our Tire Pressure Monitor, you can easily know the exact tire pressure in every tire on the truck. Each tire is equipped with wireless pressure sensors, and on the IntelliTruck Conrol Monitor you have full layout of all the truck's tires and their current air pressures. Plus, the IntelliTruck System will alert you immediately on-screen when any tire becomes low. And through the IntelliTruck Remote Fleet Management, all of the tire pressures or low tire alerts are included with all of the other truck data, so that management can quickly see when a driver is being negligent of tire pressures.
Dump trucks are big vehicles, and mirrors just don't do enough to help the driver see some of the most important areas around the truck. Our cameras are integrated with the IntelliTruck® Control System, so that you can quickly see either camera's view on the large color display monitor.

Rear View Camera: Mounted directly on the tailgate, a wide field of view allows you to see everything behind the truck - from other cars, to asphalt pavers, to pedestrians. The camera viewport will optionally pop up every time you place the truck in reverse, so that you see it's view immediately whenever you start backing up.

Load View Camera: Mounted high on the front of the dump bed, you can see your load without needing to climb a ladder or even get out of the driver's seat.
Sometimes a job requires filling small holes, rather than dumping big piles. The Coal Door (a.k.a. Asphalt Gate or Asphalt Door) is a small, easy-to-open, easy-to-latch door built into the tailgate, for the purpose of shoveling out material in small, manageable amounts (as the tailgate itself remains closed and latched).
Depending on the material you're hauling, and the climate you're hauling it in, often clumps and chunks of material can stay behind in the dump bed after dumping, making clean-out a far bigger (and more time-consuming) chore for the driver. However, having our powerful industrial vibrator installed on the bottom of the dump body, with a press of a button the driver can give the whole body a good shake, and break up those chunks while dumping, and from the comfort of the driver seat.

This option is integrated within the IntelliTruck® Control System: Just press and hold the "Vibrator On" button for as long as you want to vibrate the body, and it stops as soon as you release.

Dump Body Features (All Dump Truck Models)

While we can typically accommodate any special requests for the material make-up of the body, our standard, default dump bodies are built with high-strength steel throughout (minimum 100k psi yield strength), and the shells of the bodies (the floor & walls, front wall, and tailgate skin) are formed with high-strength AR (Abrasion-Resistant) steel (minimum 420 HBW Hardness, minimum 170k psi yield strength)
All of the latest generation of Strong dump bodies' shells (the floor and walls of the bed) are formed with our propietary roll-form machines, for a consistent, perfect corner radius that minimizes stress and improves the shell's structural strength, without sacrificing volume. Plus the bodies have no vertical seams along its length, for a smooth uniform surface from front to rear.
At Strong we have over 30 years of experience working with various dump body manufacturers, and over 20 years building our own dump bodies, and we've continually analyzed the dump bodies to identify areas of weakness, and well as areas of excessive weight, with the goal of designing the ultimate dump body with durability and maximum payload: Strength through better design and superior materials, without the thousands of pounds of bloat weight you'll get with many other dump body manufacturers. Strong Industries has always been about payload and maximizing our customers' profits; and while our Strong Arm trailing axle (on Super Dumps) increases the maximum allowable gross weight of the vehicle by six tons on average, many times we increase payloads by another two tons over other manufacturers' dump bodies, in body weight alone.

Super Dump Features

The Strong Arm® is what transforms a regular dump truck into a Super Dump, extending the truck's overall axle length by 12 feet or more when it's deployed, and thereby increasing its allowable gross weight by at least 12,000 pounds - far more than any other auxiliary axle. And when at the dump site, the loading site, or when the dump bed is empty, the Strong Arm stows above the dump dump, completely our of the way for normal driving and dumping operations. The Strong Arm is time-tested, with regular improvements over the last 20 years, to perform better today than ever before. More on the Strong Arm Trailing Axle
The Strong Arm's patented Secordary Lateral Suspension enhances the roll stability of the truck. It's available with the traditional configuration having one air spring on each side, or our new wider axle Strong Arm has two air springs on each side. With either configuration, you have the unique combination that only a Strong Arm® provides: a soft vertical suspension for bumps and vibrations (via the accumulator hydraulic cylinders), with a stiff lateral suspension for stability (via the Secondary Lateral Suspension). More on the Strong Arm Trailing Axle
The Strong Arm's hydraulic cylinders have build-in nitrogen accumulators, which give the axle a soft vertical cushion when traveling over bumps, dips, or any road elevation changes. Other trailing axles take shortcuts with cheap hydraulic systems, and the result is rapid pressure changes whenever it travels over elevation changes, which results in cracks and breaks in the trailing axle, and unnecessary wear and tear on the truck chassis and suspension. At Strong, we go the extra mile to maintain smooth, consistent, legal lift force at all times with our precision-engineered hydraulic cylinders and integrated accumulators. More on the Strong Arm Trailing Axle
If a tire on the Strong Arm® Trailing Axle loses pressure while the axle is in the deployed position, the system automatically releases the hydraulic pressure within the Strong Arm® hydraulic cylinders, and informs the driver with a descriptive message through the IntelliTruck® In-Cab Display, which prevents any unnecessary damage to the tires, wheels, or axle, and allows the driver to safely pull the truck over at the next opportunity and properly assess the tire condition.
For typical dump trucks, an apron (or "asphalt apron") is required for dumping into asphalt pavers. This is due to the fact that the typical dump truck has difficulty distributing weight to the front steer axle, so they must locate the dump body as far forward as possible relative to the rear drive axles -- which leaves too little overhang behind the bed hinge, and without an apron they inevitably spill apshalt outside of the paver (which will easily make you an enemy of every other person working the job). The apron solves this problem, but carries with it a whole new problem, clean-up: The driver must clean off the apron after every dump.

With Super Dumps however, the Strong Arm trailing axle provides counter-force behind the drive axles for perfect weight distribution to the front axle -- so that the dump body can overhang behind the bed hinge the same distance an apron would, and so no apron is needed. Best yet, you close the tailgate and there's no apron to clean off. Yet another way that Super Dumps make dumping more time-efficient and productive.
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