Just 1 ton of payload can mean over $100,000 over the life of your truck.
Dump Truck Weight Calculator (with Payload & Revenue)

Calculate the Gross Vehicle Weight (GVW) limit of your dump truck according to the Federal Bridge Formula (FBF) and Federal Bridge Law (FBL). Plus, input the tare weight of your truck to calculate maximum payload, and enter your pay and workload numbers see your truck's daily, monthly, and yearly production capabilities (in terms of material hauled AND money earned).

To begin, select your truck type and enter the wheelbase.

Dump Truck Type

Your Dump Truck

Bridge law example: tandem dump truck with ??? inch wheelbase and ??? lbs GVW
Max GVW: ??? lbs
??? in
  • Select your truck type and enter its wheelbase to see your results

Production & Revenue Calculations

 Per LoadPer DayPer MonthPer Year
Payload?? Tons---
Revenue$ ??---
Revenue over 10 Years:  -
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