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Dump Truck Manufacturers: Strong Industries Begins Launching Fully Automated Facilities For Manufacturing Dump Truck Beds Nationwide

StrongBox Automated Dump Trucks Lead The First Wave Of New Products

Strong Industries, Inc. has embarked on a first of its kind concept in truck body manufacturing. Four years ago SuperDumps started becoming a little more competitive. Strong no longer enjoyed being, for the most part, the only game in town. However, as history has proven, competition is always good. Therefore Strong has set out to make sure that they will remain the leader in SuperDumps, and now also dump beds in general.

First on their agenda was a new line of heavy-duty dump beds, which have been designed for any purpose and any budget, which has been named “The Strong Box”. Second, a newly designed Strong Arm trailing axle and new SuperDump beds. These new designs for SuperDumps are mostly aimed at larger payloads, but also for simplicity of design, with fewer moving parts and lower maintenance. Their next change was optional automation, yes, computerized dumpers if you choose. This includes a myriad of automated features that will reduce downtime and increase safety.

During their development of the computerized dumpers, Strong Industries has also been building an automated plant to build their bodies, just like in the popular television show “How It’s Made”. This seemed impossible five years ago, but Strong has built it and it will be fully operational in 2016. The transition was not easy, as the task required a number of custom and unique machines, developed in house by Strong's engineering staff. Strong's mechanical and electronic engineers comprise 20% of their workforce. The key to the success of this automation came from the combined knowledge of years of experience in truck body construction, computer programming, and mechanical and electrical engineering.

Strong's stable of patents will assure that they will be on top of the industry for many years to come, not only in the trailing axle market, but in all levels of the dump bed and truck body market.

Strong Industries newly automated production facility is 900 feet long and in some places up to 30 feet tall, and is a “lights out” operation, which means that the facility can operate without people, only requiring employees for maintenance and loading raw materials. This will lead to a tremendous reduction in costs, and unmatched quality. As the system evolves these savings will be passed onto Strong’s customers.

Since these automated plants will require very few people, Strong Industries has planned to rapidly mirror the facility in six other states around the country. Brooks Strong, the CEO of Strong Industries and has stated that, “This expansion will give us capabilities larger than all other truck body manufacturing companies COMBINED”, he stated that this could even lead to Strong Industries offering an IPO.

Although this may be very bad news to the larger manufacturers such as Crysteel, Ox Bodies, Rugby, Duraclass, J-Craft, and TBEI, this may not be bad news for the smaller local dump bed manufacturers, as Strong will be able to produce their bodies below the cost of any other manufacturer, thus putting them into a position to distribute truck bodies wholesale to other smaller truck body businesses.

Strong Industries is requesting all interested parties to approach them for the best dumpers, the most competitively priced dumpers, and bigger discounts for the customers that choose to grow with Strong Industries.

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