Super Dumps
Just 1 ton of payload can mean over $100,000 over the life of your truck.

Welcome to Strong Industries - Creators of the Superdump® Truck System.

In 1989, Strong invented the Superdump®. Since that date Strong has equipped over 5000 Superdumps® with our patented Strong Arm Trailing Axle. That is more than 95% of all Superdumps®.

Our Superdumps® system can achieve up to 32 tons of payload - that's incredible! The only trailing axle that works in all road equipment; the only trailing axle that is legal in all Bridge Law states; the Superdumps® system does the work of a short dump truck and hauls the payload of a trailer. With over one-half billion customer miles, Strong Industries possesses the most powerful tool in manufacturing...EXPERIENCE !

When it comes to profitability, the STRONG Superdump® is the best system for Asphalt and Concrete paving, as well as for spreading, stockpiling, and wind rowing operations - bar none. THE STRONG SUPERDUMP TRUCK outperforms bobtail dumps, tri-axles, quad-axles, triple pushers or quints, tandems, dump-trailers, end dumps, transfers, pup trailers, belly dumps, and live bottoms.


Take the next step in increasing your payloads and profit! Super Dump Truck Video