Super Dumps
We Invented the SuperDump...                 Over 1/2 Billion Customer Miles...                 5,000 Strong Arm SuperDumps in Operation...                 Strong Builds 90% of all SuperDumps...                 Up to 10 per day!...                 Strong Possesses the Most Powerful Tool in Manufacturing...                 EXPERIENCE
Genuine Strong SuperDump Parts
Keep your equipment and warranty intact with Genuine Strong Superdump parts. Beware of counterfeiters. Strong’s machine parts
are precision engineered and manufactured only by Strong Industries, Inc.
Call Lorri or Paula for parts. 281-847-9304


30923212300212BUSHING, 2 1/2x3"x2.1/2" PINK TRUNION PRIOR TO 96
30911203151200BUSHING, 2.030X1.514 X 2 BRASS Dump bed gate hinge
30921200212234BUSHING, 2x2 1/2"x2 3/4" BRASS WITH BLACK DOTS
30922200212234BUSHING, 2x2 1/2"x2 3/4" GREY REPAIR ARMS & TRUNION
30923200212200BUSHING, 2x2 1/2"x2" PINK" 700 Small toggle